Maternal Care

Infertility, Prenatal, and Postpartum Therapy

It’s not supposed to be like this.

What is wrong with me?

I’m so weak to need help.

This is not how I want things to be.

I’m such a failure.

Everyone else is happy or can get through this ok, no one understands.

Nobody told me it was going to be like this.

If these thoughts are familiar, you are not alone.

Many women and couples face very similar thoughts and fears while going through the process of expanding their family.

And so often those women and couples feel afraid to reach out for support.

They are afraid of feeling judged, upset that they need help when other people don’t seem to, or are scared that going to therapy means they have failed.

In my work with people going through infertility, miscarriages, the loss of a baby, prenatal changes, and postnatal challenges, I have found that what people need most is unconditional support.

You are not meant to go through this alone.

Infertility or Loss

Whether you are struggling to get pregnant, have had a miscarriage, or lost a baby, you need comfort and support.

I will be there for you during this difficult time.


During pregnancy women experience many changes and challenges.

Body image concerns, hormonal changes, anxieties about motherhood and delivery, getting ready for baby, being sick or exhausted, feeling as if their body is no longer their own….

Expecting mothers have these and many other stressors during pregnancy.

Many women feel guilty if they struggle, believing they are supposed to be happy during this time.

After the Bump

New moms and dads might struggle more than they would like after Baby arrives. 

Some women experience birth trauma, complications with breastfeeding, or emotional struggles as their hormones dramatically change.

Postpartum depression and anxiety are more common than many women realize.

Many new moms have general difficulty in adjusting to the changes in their lives and bodies with a new member of the family. Even if this isn’t their first child.

While these experiences are normal, our culture does not talk about them, which leaves many new parents confused, isolated, and afraid.

It Does Get Better

Therapy can help you adjust.

Whether it’s just needing a place to be validated and feel like somebody understands, or whether you’d like help in adjusting your thought processes and way you view the world.

I have been privileged to provide many new moms the relief and support they need to begin to thrive in life again.

If you need comfort or relief

Call me at (402) 937-9700 or email


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  • If you are currently working with me and we have developed a safety plan together, follow that safety plan.
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