Christian Counseling

As a Christian, do you ever...

…question why God would allow terrible things to happen in your’s or other’s lives if He is a loving God?

…feel ashamed because you struggle with depression or anxiety despite how often you’ve prayed for healing?

…know that God loves you logically, but often struggle with disbelief or confusion of His love?

…wonder if you should even try therapy for fear of getting bad or ungodly advice?

When you live in this world but not of it, you need a therapist who has the same background as you.

You need to know that the one counseling you not only understands your beliefs, but also is being guided by the Holy Spirit.

You don’t want worldly advice that would potentially lead you or your family astray.

Christian counseling gives you the opportunity to heal spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and even physically.

We explore together how your psychological health may be impacting your spiritual health.

And also how your faith can impact your emotions and thought processes.

I use clinically proven methods in therapy,

such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

My faith in Jesus Christ simply guides and informs the treatment I provide to clients.

Christian and non-Christian clients receive the same quality of care.

However, Christians can rest assured that their therapist understands their belief system and values.

Whatever the cause of your pain, there is hope.

Christians of all ages seek therapy for many reasons, such as depression, anxiety, infertility, grief and loss, trauma, insomnia, self harm or suicide thoughts, and for many other causes or symptoms of emotional pain.

Therapy provides you the space to explore how your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are interconnected.

We will look for patterns that may be causing you guilt, shame, or feelings of defeat.

Through treatment you will begin to not only understand those patterns more, but also learn to change them.

You will learn how to live a more fulfilling life in line with your values and Christian beliefs.

Ready to get your life back?

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In Crisis?

  • If you are currently working with me and we have developed a safety plan together, follow that safety plan.
  • If you do not feel able to keep yourself or others safe right now, please call 9-1-1 or go to the closest hospital ER for help.
  • If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or homicide, call 9-1-1 or 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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