Deciding to begin therapy can be a big decision for people. There is still enough stigma about mental health that seeking help can be scary. And then finding a good therapist in your area that is trustworthy, has openings that fit into your schedule, and that your insurance covers is overwhelming. In fact, people tell me that they debate for months over which therapist to choose before deciding. They don’t want to make a bad choice.


The last few years a new kind of therapy has really picked up popularity. And for good reason: it eliminates most of the above problems people have finding a therapist. And it does so without compromising the benefits people gain from therapy. But I’ll tell you in advance that it’s going to sound absurd. You’ll probably think that I’m a lazy or impersonal therapist for choosing this type of therapy for my clients. You’ll tell me that there is no way that this new kind of therapy could possibly work or be right for you. And it absolutely might not be right for you – honestly, it’s not for everyone. So what is it I’m doing with my clients now?


Online therapy.


Yep. Just like normal therapy, but my clients video call with me from the comforts and privacy of their own homes. I use a confidential and encrypted video platform that many insurance companies prefer. People from across the state of Nebraska can see me. And I don’t have to charge as much because I’m not paying the overhead expenses of an office space with electricity, water, air conditioning, heat, and property insurance.


Many people think that there’s no way therapy can be just as good through video as it is in person. But in fact, research shows that people find online therapy just as effective – if not more effective – than meeting with their therapist in person! People are shocked when they try it and almost forget that we’re meeting through video instead of in an office.


And just to make sure people like doing online therapy before having to commit to it, I offer free initial consults. This way, you can get a feel for if online therapy will work for you and see if we click. Making sure you click with your therapist is the single most important part of therapy.

Laptop and notepad on desk. Notepad says, "Free Consult for Online Therapy!"

If you’re still not sure about it, debate over your options for another few days or weeks. At any point in the future you think it might at least be worth trying a free consult, you can call me at (531) 289-8246.